Friday, 28 December 2007

back from HK^^

Bonjour everyone! I am back! Thank God for the safe and enjoyable trip. As some people know my family and i planned this HK trip to concide with Christmas (22-27/12), so we manage to experience this special day in HK. During these 6 days we went to many places, such as DisneyLand and Ocean Park, meet some old friends, did some shopping...Overall it was a good trip. I missed seeing some key things I wanted to see or eat. But I guess I can leave those for next time..hehe~the rest of the photos are not yet ready so pls wait for follow-up post with lots of photos i taken in HK.

Ocean Park
Lan Kwai Fong

Thursday, 20 December 2007

4 days 3 night Young christian Camp at Batu Niah

Last week (12-15/12) we hosted a group of 31, a Methodist youth group, not including camp consultant -Pastor Ting, and 2 other supervisor, that is Michell and me.
Our time here has really gone by faster than what i had expected, 4 days 3 night camp has come to an end. It was pretty wild but we actually had a great time together. And i am really glad to had the opportunity to serve God with this tiny character in this camp.

Woohoo~this is random picture of me with a silly umbrella~haha^^guess how i did that~~

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

New Hairstyle^^

That was a long gap since my last "proper" posting (mental age test not counted=) Whew that is more than a months! Many things have been stopping me from updating since i back Miri (erm...actually it's this lazy bug in me..hehe).
Well, 2 days ago i went to salon and have decided to digital perm my hair. Here goes the photos...

Previously my hair style was always straight long hair..maybe sometimes got dyed my hair or still considered quite it's time for me to try sometime new and "fresh". haha~i am pretty satisfied with my new hairstyle..what do u guys reckon? haha~

Sunday, 16 December 2007






Friday, 2 November 2007

Yay yay and yay!!!

Early morning when i woke up, it was raining outside but this did not make me go into bad mood, other way round i thank God for the new day and thanks him for giving me another chance to live life for Him. And another yay i finally done my 100% assignment...feel so released^^

And yay I wanna share a nice song here. Randomly heard this song, very nice and appropriate for any mood~love it~hope it touches your heart too^^

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A little update from me

Wow it has been almost a month i disappeared from my blog. I was so busy working on my assignments and final also coming soon too~ Anyway i will start blogging again when everything is 'settled'.haha^^

To all my bloggie readers: Wait patiently, good thing is worth your wait..cheers~

Friday, 5 October 2007

Saved by the call

This morning I was supposed to wake up at 7.45am because i got Risk Management class from 9-11am. Who knows i switched off the alarm and continued on sleeping..oh my gosh i ended up woke around 10 when Elaine called me up (thanks Elaine). Then i quickly jumped off my bed and rushed to uni (of course after i brushed my teeth,washed my face^^haha). i got to the uni really quickly cause i managed to catch the bus which only come once in every half hour and of course (and luckily)it came on time today. I went to meet Elaine and Tommy and we had lunch together while waiting for another group members Reza who got a car and willing to drive all of of us to site visit at Paramatta.

Around 2pm we heading off to Paramatta and arrived at the site nearly 3pm. We took some photos of the site. and here we come~ the main "Highlight" of the day~Wesfield shopping centre! The site is actually situated beside Wesfiled. So we went shopping. It seems that we were actually just strolling around. Well we did bought something to eat. i bought a watermelon crush from (i love boost juice,no special reson, just loving it), we also tried different flavour of Kernels popcorns, and bought some Krispykreme Doughtnut.

For dinner, my sis and i went to an newly opened Restaurant in Surry Hills - Cotter Tiffin. It is an Indian Restaurant offers indian cuisine with large range of vege and non vegetarian dishes. we ordered two main dishes chicken and Lamb Balti with chef's special sauce, Basmati rice and Naan breads. The food are really delicious. Too bad i did not manage to take any photos. Anyway, i think that's all for today. Right now i think it's time for me to get to bed.G'nite everyone and have a nice weekend ahead~cheers^^

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

yo~ Yii this blog is specially dedicated to you^^ First of all, i wish u Happy 21st birthday!!! ( haha finally u join the 20+ group) oops~haha..Well let me sing birthday song first.

"Happy birthday to You=P
Happy birthday to You^^
Happy birthday to dearie :)
Happy birthday to You!!!"

Yii~may God's blessings shine upon you every moment and may His grace always be with you, bless u abundantly the years ahead. Continue to serve Him with your big heart and passion wherever you are. Turn up bright for the rest of your life!!! miss ya lots=)FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!!!once again, Happy birthdayyyy!!!


Another movie for tonight-Poseidon, a 2006-released movie. i think it is a fairly good movie with simple story line. It is all about the boat (Poseidon) is sinking and the passengers trapped in there are trying to escape from it. Someone criticized and compared it to Titanic, and saying this movie is does not worth your time and money. But i would say it has this great and outstanding visuals affects, a not-too-bad story line(just simple and clear), good acting and definitely a worth watching one!

i 'll give it 8.5/10 rating!!!

BABYLON 5 - The Lost Tales

It has been quite some time i didn't watch western movie. Last night i watched this movie after i back from uni. Haha~time for me to sit down and relax and "pampering" myself after a tiring day. So i watched this movie while having my late dinner. It is a new Babylon5 movie about selected characters from the previous series. I never watch any of the series before but this one really impressed me and it is indeed a very well acting and writing science-fiction movie. i 'll give it 7/10 rating.

P/s: i like Bruce Leitner..he looked smart in the movie :)

Monday, 1 October 2007

Trip to Canberra

I went Canberra twice. First time i went was on mid September with my parents and youngest sis when they came to visit me last year. Another visit was last Saturday (29/7). Thanks to Katherine who organized the trip and Justin Wong who willing to drive. Oh ya i have to say this too, that day i woke up so early and that sets a bad tone for the day! Luckily i ate "Royal Jelly" and it kept me energetic for the whole day. haha~impossible?it works for me tho!!!how amazing~haha^^Btw it was a great trip and another yay is that i managed to have Roast Chicken with red rice for my lunch. It was really yummy!!!haha~~Ok here's the schedule and photos for the day.

5.15 am- Woke up
6.00am-Departed to Canberra
around 8am- We are LOST!Luckily we found our way back after called someone for direction.
around 10am- Stopped for petrol and toilet(careless me left my spectacle in the toilet and i only realised my specs are not with me after 10 minutes drive away from that stopping point) then we reversed back to get it. Luckily nobody took it.
around 11.30am - Reached Canberra and we went to the Tourist Information Centre
around 12.00pm -"HUNTING"for food(Everyone looked like hungry ghost).Lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.
around 1.30pm - Visited Old Parliament House
around 2.00pm - Strolled around Floriade and took heaps of photos
around 4.00pm - Departed to Wollongong
around 6.00pm - Had "All you can eat" dinner at Master Builder Club Wollongong
around 9.30pm - Reached home

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Ice skating

I spent most of my holidays at home. Pretty sad and restful holiday, I suppose, but luckily i managed to "out of my cage" during the weekends. Well, on Friday, i went skating at the Sydney's Entertainment Quater (EQ) with friends-1.5 hours,$18 dollars per person(include skate hire). I had a great time there but then i have to say that i'm a lousy skater because i always ended up falling^^It was so painful when you lose control or fall and then your whole body hit the iced ground (got minor cut found on my palm). *sobsob* Anyway it was fun slipping and sliding around on the ice (despite the risk of injury).ahaha~Here are some pictures we took during the day~happy viewing!!!

Taking group photo inside the ice rink~

Pose and snap outside the ice rink tent after 1.5 hours of skating
Jump jump!!!
woohoo~we are kidding~lol
obviously they are not "VIP"^^

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Mooncake Festival 2007 (25/9/07)

I miss those days i celebrated Mooncake Festival with my family in Miri. I can still remember it was either my mum would cook many super-yummy dishes for the whole family or we invited some relatives, and sometimes all his company staffs to join us for dinner outside. Since year 2005 i had to celebrate this festival without my family because i was in Melbourne doing my Foundation Studies on 2005 and studying in Sydney on the following years. Now i am thinking hard how i celebrated this festival 2 years ago. Arrr..i cant remember~!

This year i had an awesome night celebrating Mooncake Festival with a bunch of friends in Sydney. We had steamboat dinner at my friend's apartment. Thanks to Huiyih for offerring her place for gathering. After that we had lovely and yummy home-made cheese cake for desserts.Yum-yum!!!~thanks again to Huiyih^^ Then, we played board game while enjoyed eating our mooncakes during happy hour. It was fun! But too bad my sis and i need to leave first at around 11pm because we need to catch the last bus on 11.30pm back home while the others leave around 2am.
Group photos~

Jon refused to look at the camera~
The highlight of the night -Board Game -RISK

Lastly, here's a lantern riddles to liven up this post and for u guys to have a guess. Give it a try! HapPy guEssiNg~

"Wash it and it isn't clean.
Don't wash it and then it's clean;
Wash it and you can't eat it.
Don't wash it and then you can eat it."

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

My trip cancelled to Blue Mountain:(

I had to cancel my trip to Blue Mountain on coming Monday the 24th of September, due to the stupid translation license that i don't have. Actually i can still rent a car and drive but then the main concern is that if i "kena saman, mati kokok lor". Then better don't risk it! Actually i can get driver's license translation service in Sydney but it costs AUD$99 if i wan to get it done within 24 hours. Hey no way i won't spend that much money on it since i can get it done in Malaysia for only RM10...i say again, is ten Ringgit!!!

Well, i' m a little bit upset but then never mind, there are still plenty other places i can go, maybe join a day-trip?!!!haha~~

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

1 down, 2 more to go

Today i went for my 1st injection of Cervical Cancer Vaccine at the university clinic. I didn't wait long for my turn to get the injection because not much people waiting. So the injection commended and i had injection in the left arm. The injection itself was like normal prick at first (i could actually feel the needle going in) until the medicine takes effect and pours into muscle. oh man it hurtsssssssssssssssssss for like 5 seconds and then i can still feel the numb of my left arm till now.

Well...i still need to go back and have another 2 injection on late November and early March. *Sob sob* i dislike injection!!! Anyway still be thankfulness that science has been able to protect us in some small way. So i say, thanks God for man like Professor Ian Fraser the inventor of this vaccine^^

Monday, 17 September 2007

Holidays coming up^^

Sigh life has been very busy lately...I'm just so so so happy uni mid semester break coming up..woohoo!!!

Well, for this coming holiday i will off to Blue Mountain for a short break and staying overnight at a cottage near Jenolan Cave with a bunch of friends(9 of us). We will go by 2 cars and i'm one of the drivers. err...I never drive in Sydney, and not even touch the steering wheel. What does this indicate??? i cant imagine~~hmm..i would say "what an "adventurous" attempt!"~haha~ Not yet plan for the rest of the holidays, i will plan later this week. HaPpy hAppy~~~

Okay for now, i need to get all my assignments done!!! i don't wish to do assignments during my golden holidays...Holiday is Holiday!!!How's that!~haha^^

Monday, 3 September 2007

Still be Friends Forever!!!

It has been quite a while JH and i did not see each other since i back in Malaysia on June and she left Sydney on July. Last week JH and her family came back for her convocation and we able to meet up..yay!!!So, i went to her convocation on tuesday and then Thursday night (30/8), Jane, Sandra, Chaiwee and I got another chance to meet her at the hotel she stayed. Well as usual, with JH around for sure we took photos..but not much photos taken this time because her camera no battery already. Luckily i brought along my camera..haha~ okay i will let the photos do the talking now^^

After viewing those photos we took, then suddenly a question mark pops out from my head, "when would be the next time for same group of people to meet up"? guess no one can tell..perhaps end of the yr at Double J's wedding?lol..So everyone must make it happen k^^

Having this friendship is like a gift i have never dreamt of..take good care of yourself JH and will miss u. All the best in your life, study, love, relationship and may God bless u abundantly throughout the years ahead...As our lives change, we will still be Friends Forever!!!

P/s: i will go KL "kacau" u!!!don't sure u reserve time for me!!!keke=p

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Britain`s Got Talent - Paul Potts

"Some small small characters can make people suprise too by their talents" (a quote from my friend who recommended this video to me)^^Indeed what he said is true!!!

thanks dude for the sharing of this video~

Friday, 31 August 2007

Lots to be grateful for my 21st birthday^^

I seem to have been rather slack at the blogging thing recently due to mountains of assignments and mid semester exams, but I feel a blog specially about my 21st birthday is a must..haha..hmm i`m officially 21 years on this earth now..That’s quite some time, isn’t it? haha^^

Okay my birthday is a time to give thanks! Firstly i would like to give a huge
ThankYou to my parents. Then ThankYou to those who remember my birthday, bday blessings, dinners, presents etc. Well,i have got hundred of photos, here`s some of my favourites.

Thanks gals for the birthday pre-celebration(23/8/07)

Birthday dinner (24/8/07) at JUJU Japanese Restaurant *THANKS guys for the dinner and making the night special

Lastly many BIG BIG THANKS to God. I was reminded how great and awesome God has been to me for the past 21 years for loving me, guide me and grow me. i feel grateful for His amazing grace.I hope my life can shine for Him and be a blessing to others^^

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Unto You~

Sometimes in a moment of happiness we always forgot our Lord, and sometimes we even may not require His hand to hold us but in times of difficulty, stress or grief we all look for a shoulder to lean on and ask where is God, being suspicious of His love...

Recently, one of my close friend is facing some problems. i really hope i`m by her side and give her encouragement and support. So,this song is specially dedicated to her. Life are never easy; but needless to say God always there for us. My friend, place yourself unto our Lord, He will lead u through the obstacles in life~

My dear friend i`m always here praying for u~The road of life is not always smooth!Please do count me in to walk with u~i have faith in u because u are willing to put in effort and got the determination to make it, don`t worry your effort will surely lead you to success~May God be with u~Emmanuel!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

mY very 1st baking experience with Huiyih~

Kept reading Dorcas` wonderful food blogs about baking cakes, cupcakes, biscuit etc, and i could hardly wait to try them out myself. hmm~i think i better start from something nt that hard and dun need a lot of the baking equipments. Okay this is my 1st attempt~VANILLA SWISS ROLL.

Here we go~~

Concentrating while my sis busy taking photos of us~ (haha..she`s been forced by me)

We are only half way done and we already truly proud of our creation. (see i`m smilling)keke~

well, the simple act of spending time in the kitchen became the highlight of Friday nite especially when some1 sharing the same joy with u~agree?thanks Huiyih^^

need to be extra careful when rolling since they are so "fragile" i would advise to use both hands to roll!But make sure to wash ur hands before doing this~keke!!

tada~~VanillaSwissRoll^^great success^^

hmm, actually i'm not a super huge fan of vanilla.i think it would be best if it is on green tea flavour.too bad i din manage to buy green tea powder during late night on friday..sobsob~ anyway,vanilla also nt bad lar^^

Finally, it`s time for us to sit down & relax~eating,chatting while reading magazines before go to bed=P

We all enjoyed the baking moment~Baking is fun!!!!haha~

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Simpsonized myself~~~

Hi, this is me after been simpsonized. Well,some of my friends said that she does look like me but i dont want to agree with them bcoz i dont want my mouth to be look like that!!!so u**y..haha^^

Well for those people who dont know where to have fun simpsonized yourself. You can visit

Have fun!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Welcome to my world!!!

Hi everyone~Welcome to my World!!!

Well i know i`m a bit late due to my laziness..sorry folks~~keke~~anyway,this blog is random bits of my life and things that i wanna share with everyone~so ppl feel free to post up your comments or WHATEVER things u want to tell or share with me!!!

happy viewing~~


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