Sunday, 27 January 2008

Be in the crowd...worship our Lord~

Praise the Lord for an awesome evening of praise and worship last Friday held at Yi En Methodist Church--my church since i was a child, the place i grew up together with brothers and sisters in Christ.
From left to right: Ting, me, Aylwin and Chee fai

After almost 3 weeks of training and practicing, we are now ready to praise and worship our Lord with all our heart.

Band 1 vocalists prayed before start

Band 2 vocalists

Band 3 Vocalist: Ting and Suk Tian

During the night, there were only around 60 people. But it did not diminished the praise for Jesus. i did still see arms lifted in worship, arms lifted in praise, clapping-hands, people with their own personal praises...Powerful worship..God was in that room!!!

Sing out loud ppl...sing "Hosanna"

What a joy it was to be a part of the praise team..guess not only me, everyone did...wonderful praise and worship experiences..words cannot explain!!!

Don't stop singing Halellujah~~go on and be in the crowd worship our lord, the giver of life!

Banana Muffins with chopped Almond Nuts

Muffins muffins~~
Quick to bake and go perfectly well with coffee or tea~
I love baking sooooo much these days...
I better don't make it a habit though,
otherwise i need to pay more attention to my waistline~

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Baking all the way~~~Banana Chiffon Cake

Tata...this is my very 1st chiffon cake- Banana Chiffon Cake. I love eating chiffon cake but i never try Banana chiffon cake. This afternoon i purposely went to 'Tamu' (local market) bought some ripened bananas~RM1 a bunch. When i back home i set off to make this cake right away.

The recipe I have on hand is meant for a smaller pan size(16-18cm). The one i have is a 21cm sized pan. Although i have no idea how to increase the quantity to fit it but i still insist on baking. After about 1.5 hour of preparation and baking time, it is finally done. Well i know the final result is not that pleasing to the eyes but pls don't judge it by its is really delicious and also well welcomed by my family.

I got the recipe from Happy Home Baking's blog. I know there are some recipes they do add in some lemon juice into the ingredient but i did not...guess it would make the taste more delicious...ok let's leave it to another time!!! maybe tomorrow?because i still have plenty left over bananas...lolz^^

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

HoneyGold Flakes cookies

Chinese New Year is round the corner, so i decided to try baking one or two CNY cookies this year. I attempted to make HoneyGold Flakes cookies yesterday (see picture below). It is easy to prepare the ingredients but the only problem is the baking time and oven temperature. I already had phobia of cookies end up been thrown away because they all get burnt. This time round, i had to be extra careful in adjusting oven temperature so that the cookies don't get burnt again^^

Well, there are more baking coming up, i plan to bake chiffon cake tomorrow. Any suggestion for cake's flavour?banana?pandan?orange?

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Egg tarts Homebaking 2nd attempt

I started baking again...thanks to my itchy hands and baking fever lately=) Few days ago i baked 12 egg tarts. It was my 2nd attempt, last time i failed because i did not use any egg tart tray..silly me!! Thanks to Sze Yi's parents who help me buy those egg tart trays from Sibu.

Well, it was a success, not a great one but still consider good and tasty egg tarts. Yum yum~~This photo is taken straight after i removed them from the oven. Hope it will not be a boring photo of just egg tarts^^

Saturday, 12 January 2008

09 Jan -"I am Legend"

Life has been busy busy busy friend from Labuan visiting, then friends from Melbourne, Praise and Worship training for my church and bla bla bla...well life still goes on...i still have to pampering myself right?haha~i went Miri cinema last wednesday(movie ticket only costs RM5) and 4 of us- jon, sam, huiyih and i watched "I Am Legend". hmm i dun wanna talk much about it, let u go watch this movie urself...believe me RM5 is definitely worth it..haha~i'm going to give it a 7.5/10 rating.

p/s: i cant wait to watch National Tresure 2^^They said it is good.

02 Jan- Enchanted

I really enjoyed watching this film and its music video. "Enchanted" truly brings fantasy into real life and definitely a worth-watching film. People out there who haven't watch this movie, be quick, "Enchanted " won't disappointed u! Love this song too..enjoy^^

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