Thursday, 20 March 2008

Delayed flight

Royal Brunei Flight delays AGAIN~

Fong's Bandar Seri Begawan-Sydney flight now delayed by over an hour. Hell on earth is that poor me woke up so early in the morning plan to go airport to pick her up and yet they told me her flight is delayed!!! I wonder how darling sis spent her time while waiting meaninglessly at the waiting lounge in Brunei. ok i am supposed to be somehow thankful that the flight is not cancalled.

We are encouraged to be thankful, don't we?

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Start baking again-Chicken Pie

No uni today, i woke up late, then went shopping at Westfield Eastgarden with Susie's mum(S is my housemate), bought a lot of stuffs(mostly food), tired me!!! Anyway my baking alter ego made me bake again! I baked chicken pie right away i got back home.

Hereby presenting~~tada~~~

Just a simple plain looking pie..It tastes pretty good tho~Mind u, i'm 1st timer in making pie ok~i will try on pie decoration on next attempts. There is another same-sized pie I reserved for Chaifong...She will be arriving sydney tomorrow morning~woohoo~i'm soooooo excited!!!!!She's at Brunei airport now and i already sent her the photos of the me!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Plans on my easter holiday~

I am so excited i am going to meet my sisters-Chaiwee n Chaifong very soon.

Chaifong will fly to Sydney on wed and arrive around 10 in the morning. I need to pick her up at the airport and help her with the luggages. She will be spending 4 days with me in Sydney before we fly to Hobart, Tasmania and join Chaiwee on next Monday.

I had just booked my ticket online. I will be staying there for 1 week, back on the next Monday. hmm i haven't really plan or research on what to do in Tasmania, assuming Chaiwee will settle everything and plan many nice trips for me..Wuakaka!!!Hobart here i come~

Friday, 14 March 2008

settling in new living place

I'm back in Sydney...settling in new living place...currently live close to uni, easy going housemates, convenient transportation wherever u go etc.

Oh i miss my family,
I miss my friends,
I miss my church,
I miss my 'dudu',
I miss my car,
I miss my bed,
I miss mum's cooking, and no kidding i start missing Malaysian food^^

Well life still goes on...

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