Friday, 5 November 2010







有时候我真的没办法压抑自己的负面情绪,它总是使我忧虑,很想放弃。可是,有太多的声音说不可以,我很难过。 我不太和人倾诉因为我知道这样反而使自己,也使别人厌烦。我只好在这里涂鸦,朋友们不要问发生什么事,其实也没什么大不了,就请为我祷告,求神赐我喜乐的心吧!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hwai En Tan Mission Trip Sharing Night

短宣队与教区长,牧师与顾问 -14/10/10

Mission accomplished! Yeah!!

下一站:美里卫理义恩堂 28/10/10


Monday, 18 October 2010






Friday, 8 October 2010

Belated Birthday dinner for the charming lovely lady

2010 YL Bday
I get to know Yeelu (the only lady-in-black) and the 'gang' this year because they are Ian's close friends in hometown. I am so glad to mix around with them, especially when the master share their young time funny stories. So this one day, out of the blue, we decided to try something different which we always did, we visited Zaika, an Authentic North-Indian restaurant for Yeelu's late birthday celebration. The food was surprisingly good for a very affordable price. you know la we all very fussy one and sometimes quite picky about food and people~!!haha that is so true.

Thursday, 7 October 2010



我一直都很期望有机会去宣教。终于今年九月份,我人生的第一个短宣就是和怀恩堂的一班弟兄姐妹到泰国北部少数民族阿卡族族群里去服侍。我感谢上帝赐给我这个美好机会, 也很感谢上帝在整个过程中的看顾与保守,带领我们平安的去,也平安的回来。


为期七天的短宣之旅让我得着许多,最想与大家分享的就是我和其他三位队友(身穿白色t-shirt)有机会拜访的耶稣村。耶稣村是宣教队较少去的阿卡族寨子,因为它位于较偏远的山区里,再加上崎岖的山路使到车子难行。其他分别是我们的司机 Brother Raymond(bottom right),当地传道人还有我们的翻译员利晴(middle)。

















Thursday, 9 September 2010

Off the coast of Kedah - Langkawi

I am planning a trip to Langkawi, don't know when yet. Last time i visited was 10 years ago. I really miss those time my dad rented a car and we drove around the island and stopped by the road for durian.

This coming trip i want to bike around the island!!! Sounds great right? haha. Hoping that the island is still as stunning as 10 years ago la.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


今年的生日看似平淡 ;
因为它没有如往年的大鱼大肉 ;
也没有从早到晚的庆祝 ;

我去了黄美廉博士的见证晚会, 内容非常的振奋人心。
我想大家都会知道她,不然也会知道她所作词的诗歌 ‘如果我能唱’ 吧!

溢恩送了一个我一见钟情的recycle bag (RM76)


当晚也收到另一个很可爱的recycle bag,是我一个游泳发烧友送的。


Monday, 23 August 2010

Turning Twenty-Four

24 August 1986 is my birthday, and i am turning 24 real soon [count downing from now].
smiley face Pictures, Images and Photos
Ian bought me a Swatch watch from KK. I think i love the present now because i initially thought it is an ugly watch=P
smiley face Pictures, Images and Photos
I went to Swatch website and i found out it is in For Him series !
smiley face Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Souvenirs from Cambodia

Cambodia Handmade fan


Ian's parents went to Cambodia for one-week mission trip and they bought me so many souvenirs. From the photos you can see, i got a handmade fan which good for a country like Malaysia, a hammock for me to hang on the palms trees in my house' compound. I also got a Cambodian ruby necklace [no photo uploaded] which i think it fits best with night dress. Love it. Beforehand, i will need to test the durability of the hammock because it doesn't look like one. haha. Thank you Uncle & Aunty!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"Itchy hands"

I feel like bake something. Now is the best time, I can use the kitchen with worrying about cleaning up the mess. Because mummy is not at home=p


Saturday, 14 August 2010

I haven't been able to stop smiling since the day

Where do i even began?

It's just like happened yesterday. Alright I am gonna announced a big news of mine. My bf, Ian proposed on 29 July and i said YESRed heart. I feel like saying ''after searching 24 years in a galaxy, finally I've found my Mr. Right..." haha indeed that's true. He is my Mr Right. I haven't been able to stop smiling since the special day, it's an overwhelming, immensely sweet feeling that I don't know how to put into words - This is why i delayed this post until today. For what i am sure is that I love him very much and that's the only reason i would say hundreds and million of 'yes' to his proposal.

On the day before the proposal, I was in a chat with Kath and she asked how do i love my marry proposal to be, i told her that i would like to have a private proposal and it will be best if my close friends are around to witnessed this special moment of mine. Ian really did threw me my dream proposal without knowing that i love the proposal this way. I love all the planning he did, love the ring, love the flowers, love all the tiny things he put together, love for family and friends' companionship, and there's still a long list to go here. I feel so blessed...[fly to the moon]

I never know he did so much planning before the propose and I am really touched. Well, i should say he is clever enough this time for not letting me sensed that he is gonna propose. I always clever enough to know the plan beforehandSmile with tongue

The 2 secret guests from KL

p/s: The song you are listening from my blog is the song that he played during the proposal. I didn't tell him that i like this song, but somehow somewhere he knew.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Swelling Face (O"_")

For those who read my previous post, i had a wisdom tooth surgery and got the tooth extracted. I am now carrying a big swelling on my face and i look really weird in the mirror.

It makes me have no mood to blog:(

Wednesday, 30 June 2010



Congratulations to the newlyweds Gabriel and Mindy!

Wisdom tooth extraction

This morning i attended Dr Aziz's clinic for my wisdom tooth extraction surgery, spent almost 2 hours in the surgery room, only one word i would like to tell - Painful. It was really really unbearable pain and i doubt if the injections were working. I have been given 6 injections and still could feel the pain till to the end of the whole process. How painful it was i know you can imagine. I kept thinking in my head, could i just run away. In fact, i didn't.

Now i am seeing myself abnormal, not only because i lost one piece of bone (the tooth) but also the uncontrollable drooling caused by the effect of excess anesthesia. So for now on, i can only have porridge, yogurt and ice-cream to accompany for the next 10 days.

Thanks to those who prayed for me:)

Specially thanks to my bf for his companionship and not forgotten the cook-himself-porridge and icecreams, thanks mum bought me the Excel Cactus juices which said to be the best healing drinks for wounds, and thanks Kath for her caring message early this morning. Thanks my sisters for the overseas message. And thanks Jie for asking "你拔牙了?"。 Love you all.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010


好久没看到詹牧师了,真开心这次有机会和牧师欢聚 。詹牧师在义恩堂担任1996 - 2000年的主理牧师,也是伴我儿时成长的牧者。现在她在诗巫牧会,愿上帝赐福她和她手所作之工。

Left to right: 妈咪,詹牧师,秀恩姨姨,志辉,可爱的晓玉

~dated 18/6/2010 @ Yakin Kopitiam

Friday, 18 June 2010

Thanks God it's Friday - TGIF


Finally, it's my turn to say. Yeap, it's Friday and i am so looking forward to the weekend. I will have more time to blog then:)

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Grown up nightmare

It's all about my bottom left wisdom tooth, because I have been suffered pain from wisdom tooth growth and COUNTLESS night of sleeplessness[For you who knows me, i am very 'particular' about my sleeping quality].

Dentist has suggested me that it must be taken out because it is growing sideways and needs surgery- a 2-hours surgery. I will have my wisdom tooth extraction on the 30 June. Yeah, happy!? I am thankful for the time arrange because from i have been told, the appointment is already full until August. How great i am still be able to slot in although i will have to suffer pain for another half month. Grrr...

Very good business. I should insist on studying dentistry last time. Haha.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Elaine in Miri and Brunei

This was Elaine's second visit to Miri
Managed to let her had the most famous food in Sarawak - 'Kampua Mee' (which she regretted she did not get to try one during her previous visit). Also, paid a visit to the Seadragon @ Marina Bay.

We also drove to the neighbouring country, BRUNEI
Landmark of Bandar Seri Begawan

River safari to see the Proboscis Monkeys

Cruising along the Water Village (Kampung Ayer)

at the Royal Regalia Museum

At the Empire Hotel

Blogging back On-line

Hi everyone.

Haha i tried to start off with some catchy introduction here, as you can see, i failed. Oh well, i don't stop, read on. During my last visit to Sydney, I received feedbacks complaining about seeing 'Wicked' all the time they visited my blog. I guess it is time back to blogging again. Seriously i missed blogging. There are so many photos i would like to share.

Alright, you don't have to wait too long this time, i promised. Stay tuned folks!!

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