Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ticket to Heaven, Absolutely Free!

Photo taken with Rev John Chan from Malaysia
YES my bestie she just got herself a free-ticket to the heaven. And everlasting life! AWESOME! Such a great day to remember - 29/8/2009!!! I think i am happier than her..haha...nono, Our Lord Jesus is the happiest.

Congratulation to E!!!



Supervisor: "When you see problems, don't run away, take the challenges, solve it. Thesis is meant for you to struggle. nothing easy about it..."




"Happy completing your thesis!"


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

small comment make big changes

G: Hi Sid.
S: Hi Grace. How's study?
G: Quite good, been really busy. I'm doing Project management with you...
S: What'd you think?
G: Hmm still alright, but i reckon it's too much effort workload and time consuming.

...The conversation went on but not important...

On the same day evening, i received an email notified the students the 4 hours-lecture for tomorrow is cancelled, How great!!! In the email he mentioned that he heard student complaining the heavy workload of this particular course... Of-course la got some other associated technical problem, however, don't know why i am delighted when i saw the lecturer takes my words into account. I guess this happens to everyone when others really listen.

Yeah i have more time for my thesis! Great!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday Early Bday Surprise

Received this anoymous card today and surprisingly, it's from Sydney.

Nice card, isn't it...

Okay next, sender kept telling me how nice stamp she got for me!haha..let see....

I just knew that it costs 55¢ to send a postcard or standard letter within Australia. and it only took this card to reach me in a day. That's EFFICIENT! Thanks Postman!

Yeah Smileys
~Thank E for being so supportive and always there for me.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


谢谢dd送的CDs和 Songs books. They are all purchased from the Claymusic official website and delivered all the way from United States (Thanks to E's sister for the favorur). hehe, that's why i said they are 飘洋过海的礼物. (Blogging while listening to the cd song - Stay with me陪我)

Story under one roof

Under one roof, sometimes things can be very nasty. Landlady said something that pissed me off yesterday and it really upset me. I was at first wanna fight back but i didn't. (Luckily i didn't because i was emotional at that time) so i walked away and back to my room.

I can't get over it and i hope to clear things up and to make sure this will not happen again in the future, i prayed to God after that i wrote her a notes together with 2 goodies that EngPei gave. I can tell she might like them.

This isn't the end of the story yet. So the next day my landlady approached me and apologized , we then sat down and later it ended up us chithcating for an hour.Haha .. now i am happy, she is happy. Everyone is happy! Such sweet relief =)

Saturday, 1 August 2009


发觉我最近都在吃面包欸,连landlady都说 ‘wah, you really like to eat bread a lot..’ ,hmm 我也不是很爱吃面包啦,只是有买就吃咯,我会不会已经入乡随俗成了面包人啊?!!那倒还好,我只是不想吃太多,胖到像包就不好了。

Newcastle blue sky and seas

从Newcastle回来也有一段时间了,看回在那里拍的照片,个人觉得这几张照片一定要和大家分享! 想念那里的碧海蓝天哦~~

一大早就被阿Jess drag去山顶看日出


来到海边吹海风 (大家都喊冷....)





Lived at new place for about one week now and landlady has also returned from Malaysia. Reformation has now begun. Hmm what should i say about her?!

Well she can be bossy sometimes, for eg 'like you cant do this or do that, don't put things here, don't buy these brocolli they are not fresh, and bla bla bla but i still can bear with it. She's still better than what i expected tho, at least make my life more oriented?!~!!!. Oh i shall say i enjoy the quiet environment and treasure the very good qualilty sleep at night which i have longing for so long. Worth it!!!!! And also, a nice housemate =P

Must say hello!

Can't believe my last post was 5 years ago! 5 years, so many things has changed,  a lot of things has happened and so much to share! I r...