Wednesday, 25 August 2010


今年的生日看似平淡 ;
因为它没有如往年的大鱼大肉 ;
也没有从早到晚的庆祝 ;

我去了黄美廉博士的见证晚会, 内容非常的振奋人心。
我想大家都会知道她,不然也会知道她所作词的诗歌 ‘如果我能唱’ 吧!

溢恩送了一个我一见钟情的recycle bag (RM76)


当晚也收到另一个很可爱的recycle bag,是我一个游泳发烧友送的。


Monday, 23 August 2010

Turning Twenty-Four

24 August 1986 is my birthday, and i am turning 24 real soon [count downing from now].
smiley face Pictures, Images and Photos
Ian bought me a Swatch watch from KK. I think i love the present now because i initially thought it is an ugly watch=P
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I went to Swatch website and i found out it is in For Him series !
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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Souvenirs from Cambodia

Cambodia Handmade fan


Ian's parents went to Cambodia for one-week mission trip and they bought me so many souvenirs. From the photos you can see, i got a handmade fan which good for a country like Malaysia, a hammock for me to hang on the palms trees in my house' compound. I also got a Cambodian ruby necklace [no photo uploaded] which i think it fits best with night dress. Love it. Beforehand, i will need to test the durability of the hammock because it doesn't look like one. haha. Thank you Uncle & Aunty!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"Itchy hands"

I feel like bake something. Now is the best time, I can use the kitchen with worrying about cleaning up the mess. Because mummy is not at home=p


Saturday, 14 August 2010

I haven't been able to stop smiling since the day

Where do i even began?

It's just like happened yesterday. Alright I am gonna announced a big news of mine. My bf, Ian proposed on 29 July and i said YESRed heart. I feel like saying ''after searching 24 years in a galaxy, finally I've found my Mr. Right..." haha indeed that's true. He is my Mr Right. I haven't been able to stop smiling since the special day, it's an overwhelming, immensely sweet feeling that I don't know how to put into words - This is why i delayed this post until today. For what i am sure is that I love him very much and that's the only reason i would say hundreds and million of 'yes' to his proposal.

On the day before the proposal, I was in a chat with Kath and she asked how do i love my marry proposal to be, i told her that i would like to have a private proposal and it will be best if my close friends are around to witnessed this special moment of mine. Ian really did threw me my dream proposal without knowing that i love the proposal this way. I love all the planning he did, love the ring, love the flowers, love all the tiny things he put together, love for family and friends' companionship, and there's still a long list to go here. I feel so blessed...[fly to the moon]

I never know he did so much planning before the propose and I am really touched. Well, i should say he is clever enough this time for not letting me sensed that he is gonna propose. I always clever enough to know the plan beforehandSmile with tongue

The 2 secret guests from KL

p/s: The song you are listening from my blog is the song that he played during the proposal. I didn't tell him that i like this song, but somehow somewhere he knew.

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