Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Heavenly Melody BLESSING to You

Good news OZ! The voice of Heavenly Melody will reach Australia from 30/11- 7/11. They will spend 2 days 30/11 & 31/11 conducts 2 outreach meetings here in Sydney, how great! Wants to know more details read here.
What a lovely great theme they have - BLESSINGS TO YOU. Tickets on sale $5 per entry. Limited time and tickets selling fast. i will pre-purchase the ticket from Rev. Lee Kau. Anyone else interested? Hands up!" oh wait, leave me a comment is better. Act now!

Ain't that good new><

Saturday, 26 September 2009

love lovingly Eggtart


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Beautiful Voice

Dusty Sydney

I was so 'wowed' by the yellowish-dusty sky when i stepped out of my house this morning. As many of you knew and for those who don't know yet, Sydney experienced the worst duststorm ever in Australia. Read here. Too bad i missed the reddish sky which occurred in the earlier morning.

Dusty yellowish sky taken on 10am from upper campus UNSW

I bet you couldn't recognize that's me due to haze-like weather. (Maybe not?!haha)

Floor outside the lecture hall

Dust blew all day, dust is everywhere...okay my house needs cleaning now [grind teeth+ headach-ing]

Must say hello!

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