Tuesday, 26 February 2008


这次回来常常都睡到自然醒.这几天就不一样了!爸妈陪妹妹出门到澳洲去了, 所以呢载送小妹上学的重任就交给我这做大姐的啦. 这倒没什么不好, 这样一来, 我可以早起, 更多时间让我做别的事. 慢着~想一想我好像也没什么事可以做...哈哈!!! 哎~~我真的是闲人一个呀^^

Monday, 25 February 2008

Coughing and sore throat are killing me!!!!

At some point yesterday, I developed a terrible sore throat and a mild cough. Guess it was because i ate some fried dough-stick "油炸鬼" in the morning.

I also losing my voice from sore throat. Last night i experienced the total loss of my voice. This morning i feel a BIT better. In fact, i still 'sound' not all right. If you want to hear how bad i sound, just ring me up so u can laugh at me^^Oh well, I guess I have to quickly get well...coughing and sore throat are killing me! help!!!!!i better drink more 枇杷膏. My sis said this is the best remedy for a sore throat and cough. Hope she's right!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

My lovely friend-Shao Mei

I get to know Shao Mei during my Foundation Year in Melbourne in year 2005. It has been quite some time we didn't meet each other since Shao Mei's last visit to Miri last year. Before Chinese new year she came Miri, and stayed at my place. Well what i wanna say is that this gal becomes prettier and prettier, i can't really recognized her when i picked her up at the airport..haha~

Now she's back and i start missing her already...missing the moment we chitchat a lot..sharing 'ba guat' etc..lol..

My friend, take care and do keep in touch[Hug]!!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Glutinous Rice Balls - 'Mua Chee'

I tried to make 'Mua Chee' according to the recipe book i got from '卫理报'. Muar Chee' that i made are made of steamed glutinous rice, filled with peanuts, sesame seeds, sugar and corn oil. And coated with cooked glutinous rice. They are easy to make, low cost and yummy!!!No kidding oh~Many people had tried them, feedback are good and saying these 'Mua Chee' tasted just like those we buy outside.

(a)Ingredient for skin:
480g glutinuos rice flour
700g water
150-200g sugar
50g extra glutinuos rice flour (still fry till cooked)

(b)Ingredient for filling:
2oz fried sesame seeds, pounded
4oz fried peanuts, removed skin and pounded
3oz caster sugar
2-3tbsp onion oil/corn oil

1. For the filling, mix the ingredients (b) until well combined.
2. For the skin mix ingredient (a) until well combined, steam for about 1 hour.
3.When still hot, use tablespoon to cut into 30-40 portions and place into cooked glutinous rice flour for coating. Wrap up filling with skin and form into round balls.
4. Coat with the cooked glutinous rice flour before putting into small paper cup, serve when cool.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

BBQ @ Bekenu Beach

Yesterday, 16 of us went to Bekenu beach(Pantai Bungai) situated not far away from Miri city, about 45 minutes driving using the Luak/Bakam bypass road. We had a bbq party there. We got nice food such as chicken wings, hot-dog, crab-sticks, sushi, fish balls, sandwiches, fruits, salad, layer cake (made by me) and etc. There are too much food we couldn't even finished them.

It was a fun trip because i managed to catch up with some friends i did not hear or meet for ages. Well a day trip off to the place like Bekenu is a must if you have a super duber long holiday in Miri-->a person like me. Otherwise i'm sure i will get too bored and 'grow mushrooms'. lol~

Nice landscape...We managed to take some pictures before leaving the sand.cool huh^^

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Many birthdays~

26/1- Chai Fong's birthday

That day we threw a surprise bday celebration for my sis a Miri Halo Cafe. We also requested the singers on stage to sing birthday songs. They gave the birthday girl a special drink for free...how lucky!

28/1- Dearest Daddy's birthday

Dining outside to celebrate my dad's bday..hmm~too bad we don't have a proper family photo taken that day~

30/1- Chai Wee's birthday

Birthday girl and the birthday cake we bought for her.

while others having fun down stair with the bday gal, we also had great time playing together in my room.say cheese everyone!!!

31/1- YeeZen the lovely lady's bday

From left to right: Peiwei, me, Yeezen, Thien Set
Those not in photos: Chern dong, David, Nai Kiong

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