Friday, 28 December 2007

back from HK^^

Bonjour everyone! I am back! Thank God for the safe and enjoyable trip. As some people know my family and i planned this HK trip to concide with Christmas (22-27/12), so we manage to experience this special day in HK. During these 6 days we went to many places, such as DisneyLand and Ocean Park, meet some old friends, did some shopping...Overall it was a good trip. I missed seeing some key things I wanted to see or eat. But I guess I can leave those for next time..hehe~the rest of the photos are not yet ready so pls wait for follow-up post with lots of photos i taken in HK.

Ocean Park
Lan Kwai Fong

Thursday, 20 December 2007

4 days 3 night Young christian Camp at Batu Niah

Last week (12-15/12) we hosted a group of 31, a Methodist youth group, not including camp consultant -Pastor Ting, and 2 other supervisor, that is Michell and me.
Our time here has really gone by faster than what i had expected, 4 days 3 night camp has come to an end. It was pretty wild but we actually had a great time together. And i am really glad to had the opportunity to serve God with this tiny character in this camp.

Woohoo~this is random picture of me with a silly umbrella~haha^^guess how i did that~~

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

New Hairstyle^^

That was a long gap since my last "proper" posting (mental age test not counted=) Whew that is more than a months! Many things have been stopping me from updating since i back Miri (erm...actually it's this lazy bug in me..hehe).
Well, 2 days ago i went to salon and have decided to digital perm my hair. Here goes the photos...

Previously my hair style was always straight long hair..maybe sometimes got dyed my hair or still considered quite it's time for me to try sometime new and "fresh". haha~i am pretty satisfied with my new hairstyle..what do u guys reckon? haha~

Sunday, 16 December 2007






Must say hello!

Can't believe my last post was 5 years ago! 5 years, so many things has changed,  a lot of things has happened and so much to share! I r...