Friday, 31 August 2007

Lots to be grateful for my 21st birthday^^

I seem to have been rather slack at the blogging thing recently due to mountains of assignments and mid semester exams, but I feel a blog specially about my 21st birthday is a must..haha..hmm i`m officially 21 years on this earth now..That’s quite some time, isn’t it? haha^^

Okay my birthday is a time to give thanks! Firstly i would like to give a huge
ThankYou to my parents. Then ThankYou to those who remember my birthday, bday blessings, dinners, presents etc. Well,i have got hundred of photos, here`s some of my favourites.

Thanks gals for the birthday pre-celebration(23/8/07)

Birthday dinner (24/8/07) at JUJU Japanese Restaurant *THANKS guys for the dinner and making the night special

Lastly many BIG BIG THANKS to God. I was reminded how great and awesome God has been to me for the past 21 years for loving me, guide me and grow me. i feel grateful for His amazing grace.I hope my life can shine for Him and be a blessing to others^^

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Unto You~

Sometimes in a moment of happiness we always forgot our Lord, and sometimes we even may not require His hand to hold us but in times of difficulty, stress or grief we all look for a shoulder to lean on and ask where is God, being suspicious of His love...

Recently, one of my close friend is facing some problems. i really hope i`m by her side and give her encouragement and support. So,this song is specially dedicated to her. Life are never easy; but needless to say God always there for us. My friend, place yourself unto our Lord, He will lead u through the obstacles in life~

My dear friend i`m always here praying for u~The road of life is not always smooth!Please do count me in to walk with u~i have faith in u because u are willing to put in effort and got the determination to make it, don`t worry your effort will surely lead you to success~May God be with u~Emmanuel!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

mY very 1st baking experience with Huiyih~

Kept reading Dorcas` wonderful food blogs about baking cakes, cupcakes, biscuit etc, and i could hardly wait to try them out myself. hmm~i think i better start from something nt that hard and dun need a lot of the baking equipments. Okay this is my 1st attempt~VANILLA SWISS ROLL.

Here we go~~

Concentrating while my sis busy taking photos of us~ (haha..she`s been forced by me)

We are only half way done and we already truly proud of our creation. (see i`m smilling)keke~

well, the simple act of spending time in the kitchen became the highlight of Friday nite especially when some1 sharing the same joy with u~agree?thanks Huiyih^^

need to be extra careful when rolling since they are so "fragile" i would advise to use both hands to roll!But make sure to wash ur hands before doing this~keke!!

tada~~VanillaSwissRoll^^great success^^

hmm, actually i'm not a super huge fan of vanilla.i think it would be best if it is on green tea flavour.too bad i din manage to buy green tea powder during late night on friday..sobsob~ anyway,vanilla also nt bad lar^^

Finally, it`s time for us to sit down & relax~eating,chatting while reading magazines before go to bed=P

We all enjoyed the baking moment~Baking is fun!!!!haha~

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Simpsonized myself~~~

Hi, this is me after been simpsonized. Well,some of my friends said that she does look like me but i dont want to agree with them bcoz i dont want my mouth to be look like that!!!so u**y..haha^^

Well for those people who dont know where to have fun simpsonized yourself. You can visit

Have fun!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Welcome to my world!!!

Hi everyone~Welcome to my World!!!

Well i know i`m a bit late due to my laziness..sorry folks~~keke~~anyway,this blog is random bits of my life and things that i wanna share with everyone~so ppl feel free to post up your comments or WHATEVER things u want to tell or share with me!!!

happy viewing~~


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