Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pretty occupied

Erhemhem...it seems like I've been pretty occupied the months after my wedding to blog. Well, I have been occupied by many stuffs, especially my new status with a lot of bonding efforts need to be made and maintained =P; a lot of travelling, and not-to-mention that sometimes i keep myself occupied too. Okay I should have blog about all these u must say.

Actually i am still waiting for Fabulous Chapter my Actual-day wedding photographer to ready the photos. I suppose to get it sooner this week..hopefully!. Ok let me make you occupied too while reading my blog. While waiting for the whole set photos, here're the slideshow made on the actual day and screened at the wedding dinner reception by Fabulous Chapter. Happy viewing! I hope you find it 'entertaining'.

Ian & Grace Same Day Edit from Grace Ling on Vimeo.


song song said...

never sick watching the video over and over!You look so gorgeous.
Cant wait for the photos from Fabulous Chapter.

Chai Lim said...

i am desperately to get it too..he is still with his overseas assignments..still waiting for his reply..hmm~

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