Monday, 31 October 2011

日夜制 vs.半日制

最近耳边话题都是姐妹们在找作月婆。 姐妹们都在抱怨说作月婆越来越少,好的越来越难找,即使找到了也被别人抢先一步预约了。 我想会不会是生孩子的人多啊?!哎哟吓得我赶紧找我家婆帮我找了。

作月婆有日夜制(整天的)和半日制(8am-6pm)两种。 我觉得我比较需要日夜制的诶。大家有任何意见吗? Please share~~

Friday, 28 October 2011


TGIF- Thanks God It's Friday! I love weekends! Have a nice weekends everyone!!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

First visit to Gh

几天前(24/10)是我第一次到美里政府医院(Gh)做妇产检查。 在这之前已在私人医院做了两次。由于前辈们的建议,我也不妨去Gh试试看。从抽血, 验尿,量体重,排队拿号码到见医生,整个过程大概花两小时。 还好老公陪我去不然我一个人在那里一定很不习惯。宝宝和妈妈都很健康,Nurse还传输我一些照顾宝宝的知识, 还有免费的multi-vitamins拿。哈哈哈

我觉得Gh的服务态度还不错诶:) Remind me my next appointment will be November 23rd. 好兴奋哦因为很快又可以看到宝宝了。

Monday, 17 October 2011


It is already late midnight. My mood still cannot settled down. I don't know what should write and where should I begin....
I just cannot helped myself my tears kept dropping. The sad feeling has been following me whole day. I wanna get rid of it badly. It is about relationship between friends. I dunno, this friend she might see this, i don't mind now. My friend, how i wish I didn't hear it by my own. I don't think you care how badly all these hurting me.

My Dear heavenly Father, please give me strength, and console me. I believe tomorrow I will be back rejoice in your abundant blessings and love, in Jesus name I pray , amen.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Under One Roof with The Smurf

Sometimes i love to call my hubby Smurfy with no reason =p It just came out from my mouth. Before the latest 3D movie "THE SMURF" come on big screen, hubby told me that he was once been told by his high school friends he looks like one of the character in The Smurf. Maybe that's why i have that in mind and call him that :O

Oh I just knew which one they referred to this morning. I will let you guys have a guess =P

~picture downloaded from

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pretty occupied seems like I've been pretty occupied the months after my wedding to blog. Well, I have been occupied by many stuffs, especially my new status with a lot of bonding efforts need to be made and maintained =P; a lot of travelling, and not-to-mention that sometimes i keep myself occupied too. Okay I should have blog about all these u must say.

Actually i am still waiting for Fabulous Chapter my Actual-day wedding photographer to ready the photos. I suppose to get it sooner this week..hopefully!. Ok let me make you occupied too while reading my blog. While waiting for the whole set photos, here're the slideshow made on the actual day and screened at the wedding dinner reception by Fabulous Chapter. Happy viewing! I hope you find it 'entertaining'.

Ian & Grace Same Day Edit from Grace Ling on Vimeo.

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