Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mission Accomplished !!!

I am proud to announce that IAN AND GRACE has done the pre-wedding photo shoot, just 2 days ago with JennySun the photographer; and our 'love story' engagement portraits with Shepherd Picture last week in KL. During the trips, I also found my morning and night gowns which i have been 'hunting' badly for. Believe me, it wasn't easy, but for us, the most important we truly had a great time working things together.

There are so many funny and fun things happened especially during the photo- shooting but i won't share it now. I reckon we shall all wait for the full post till i get the photos from the photographers. But hey, here's a teaser for you my fellow blog readers.

my hand bouquet
my hand bouquet brought for JennySun shooting

with the photographers
Ian & Grace with Jenny and Joshua

with Jenny and Angie my make up & hair do artist
Ian & Grace with Jenny and Angie our hairdo and makeup artist

After the shooting, Ian was really hungry. This was our 2nd meal for dinner that day

Things have really come together and we are feeling more and more excited for our actual day! oh, stay tuned for the photos!!!

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