Friday, 9 October 2009

WICKEDly wonderful

I am always a Broadway Musical fan. Knew that WICKED is coming Sydney and kept hearing all the positive reviews around, how could i resist it!? so i bought the most expensive ticket and dragged some friends went. Well at first i was worried that it wouldn't live up to all the praise i had heard, but IT DID!!!! It was really awesome I was totally blown away. Oh surprisingly Bert Newton (right in the picture below) is on stage playing wizard in show, I has only saw him in TV. Amanda Harrison on his right is my favorite character of the night, playing "Elphaba". She's very pretty without green make-up, i saw her real person picture in the show booklet, well that signature green ROCKS too!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Proofreader's Feedback for Fellow Groupmates

俗语说的好,‘三个臭皮匠,等于一个诸葛亮’,可不是吗?我Construction Technique 组总共四人,等于1.25 个诸葛亮一下子就把assignment搞定!以下是本组proofread同学给予组员的意见,(¥粉好笑的]:


1. GRACE是放最多sub heading的,都用到了heading 5了...
2. GRACE放的图片超级卡,有几张图片卡了我好几分钟,不知道为啥,每次到你那图片就卡。
4. JOVI是最爱玩弄图片跟文字排版的,调一下他的图片,整个版面就乱了,不知道他怎么放的,不信你们试试。还有很多都差点超出MARGIN了.
5. ROBIN是heading最少的...
6. 我是放最多REFERENCE的..哈哈!


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