Thursday, 26 February 2009

When he met her

Quite surprisingly there is this, one of my guy friend he called me quite often lately to share with me his thought and feelings towards a girl he admires a lot...what he worried are those stupid old ages 'chasing-girls' rules! hmm i would say if you find her a girl worthy to go after, there is no time for second thoughts. Be brave brother! Ask her out for dinner and buy her a flower bouquet! Don't miss the chance!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

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Monday, 2 February 2009


Anyohaseyo!!!!!I'm just back from South Korea yesterday!!!

Everything is really excellent..the food, the accommodation, the people, the tour guide, the assigned tour leader, the photographer, the shopping, sightseeing etc...except for one thing... i fell sick during the last day of the trip and till now i am still not 100% recover yet! There gone all my 'Bainian' mood.

hmm as someone said to me that i must be eaten too much during the trip, oh well , judging from the body weight scale at home, i did not gain weight after the trip lea...oh well i have to admit that i did ate a lot of Kimchi. haha..For me, Kimchi and Korea steam rice (Korean Bab) good enough to satify my appetite. oh for those who doesnt know this. Kimchi is one of the healthiest food in the world!!!check this out!

Last time family and i (except my youngest sis-Chaijie) visitied South Korea was 10 years ago, when i was still in primary school. It’s amazing to me how quickly time passes. Now, I am already in the 20++ age group eii.oh my oh my~~This time we joined the 8 days 6 night tour, depart from KK using Asiana Airline.

Well i should stop here and let the pictures do the talking =)

-wearing Korean traditional costumes

- @ Nami Island. Many episodes of Winter Sonata are set here, the most well known is the scene of the two lovers-Pei Yong Jun & Chui Zhi You riding on a bicycle.

- Taking photo with mascots of the Everland in Seoul, Korea

so excited!!learn to make Kimchi~

-shopping at Ladies street.

From left to right: my mama, my papa, and Dr. Lee Sang Soo (CEO of SangSoo HerbLand). They were feeding my mama flower rice.

- At FIFA 2002 World Cup Stadium

- Riding cable car from northern theme park to southern theme park

picture taken on the coldest day Korea 2009...freezzzzzing~~

-us and our family friends and hottest tour guide from KK who accompanied us to Korea-Miss Queenie at the skiing field

- Photo taken during the herb tour @ Sangsoo Herbland. Behind us are some designed rooms to keep those rare herbs, which physiologically cannot survive through the Korean winter.

'you mo you yan o'

- After attempting to brake down a slope during ski but failed!

- holding our flower rices and very special flower bowl

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